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Development of software for selection of control valves

Addtime:2019-08-23    From:    Read:1766

After more than 2 years of development and testing, the development of control valve selection software has been successfully completed by the company. The selection software of the control valve is based on the formula recommended by IEC60534, and combined with the technical parameters of the company's products, the user has entered the known process parameters, and the software automatically calculates the flow of valves needed under the working condition. Ability, and calculate parameters including valve opening, predicted noise, flow rate, flash, cavitation and other hints.

The selection software also contains some pneumatic accessories and electric actuator models of some well-known manufacturers, which is a powerful software. After completing the calculation and selection work, technicians can automatically generate the required technical specifications, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

The software provides two versions of Chinese and English to facilitate the download and use of domestic and foreign customers.