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REOWO provides a high-quality valve maintenance and consult team with high profession and superior equipment; with complete quality system, effective operation and team-working; offers a prompt, premium and professional service to vast domestic and international clients, the services and range involve:


1. Systematic analysis on potential causes of failure;

2. Synthetically judge on the risk assessment during removing process risk of failed valve.

On-site technical service

1. Consult on relevant professional skill of valves and pipeline operation;

2. Model selection suggestion and the professional designing of alternate solution;

3. Assessment on the impact of pipeline process and medium on valve;

4. Providing of professional equipments to assist to remove the relevant factors to destroy the operation of valves.

Usage and Maintenance Training

1. Providing with special training courses;

2. Actual operation practice of trouble-shooting to meet the whole solution of industrial valves;

3. Making an individual proposal to meet specific needs, and meet the maintenance suggestions of specific medium, flow rate, flow capacity, inspection, test, maintenance period and so on.

Service Promise

1. Professionally and honestly care every staff member, enable them to become the authorities in the industry;

2. Provide customers with super first class service with professional and mature team;

3. Honest service and living up to promise, establishes a long-term cooperation relationship with customers.