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10F Acid Resistant Control Valve


Product Description

The valve, made from pressure-unbalanced trim and bonnet-top-guided trim, has the features of lean volume, simple structure, high adjusting precision and good sealing performance of valve seat. The component contacting the medium applies high-pressure injection process, lined with corrosion-resisting and anti-ageing FEP (simply called as F46), applies PTFE corrugated pipe sealing, it has the unique merits of resisting to strong corrosive medium like acids (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid), alkaline and etc., and reliable sealing. It is suitable for the medium of strong acid, strong alkaline, highly volatile, easily permeable, and widely applied in the control system of industrial automation installation in fields like chemicals, petroleum, metallurgy, pharmacy, textile.


Size: 1/2"~8"(DN15~DN200)

Pressure Rating: ASME CLASS 150 (PN10~PN16)

Lined material: F46, PFA,PTFE

Temperature Range:-40℃~200℃

Seat Leakage:ANSI Ⅳ(0.01%) or Ⅵ(bubble-tight)

Bonnet Type:Standard, Bellows

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