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50P Eccentric Plug Control Valve


Product Description

The ball valve is very universal, and has the merits of easy-to-cutoff and good rigidity, and also the high efficiency, large capacity and high turndown ratio as required in rotating control valve. Moreover, during the opening of the valve, the eccentric spool is released from the seat, which greatly reduce the abrasion. The spool designed based on hydrodynamics can effectively eliminate the opposing torque and reduce the driving force. The barrier-free direct piping is applicable for gas, steam, liquid or slurry with high flow capacity. Compared with Model 50V V-shaped control ball valve, it can bear higher pressure difference, but is slightly smaller than the similar specifications in flow coefficient.


Size: 1 1/2"~20"(DN40~DN500)

Pressure Rating: ASME CLASS 150~600 (PN16~PN100)

Body material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Duplex stainless steel

Temperature Range:-196℃~540℃

Seat Leakage:ANSI IV or ANSI Ⅵ(bubble-tight)

Bonnet Type:Standard, Extension, Long-Extension, Steam Jacket

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