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L100 Series Linear Stem Motion Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator


Product Description

The actuator is a multi-spring diaphragm type, has the features of less weight, small volume and stable output force. The vertical movement is driven by air source acting on the diaphragm in the actuator and overcoming the reaction force of spring. Without air source pressure, the spring is compressed to rebound and release the pressure to push the spindle of the actuator to move upward or downward. The actuator is divided into positive and counter action according to the type of action. It can realize high-precision position adjustment by supported with positioner. 


Action Type: Air To Open,Air To Close

Products Size: 22#,23#,34#,45#,56#

Spring Range: 40~200kPa, 80~240kPa,

Rated Sroke Range:16~100mm

Suitable Ambient Temperature Range: -30~70℃, -40~100℃

Handwheel Type:Top Mounted,Side Mounted

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