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L200 Series Linear Stem Motion Pneumatic Piston Actuator


Product Description

The actuator applies cold-drawn hydraulic cylinder tube as its air cylinder body, which greatly reduces the wear of dynamic sealing elements and enhances the durability of the actuator after grinding and extruding process. Compared with the diaphragm linear motion actuator with same specification, it provides larger push force. As a high-performance pneumatic linear motion actuator, It has the features of simple structure, less weight and tiny volume.

Model L2 is divided into two types of action, double and single action, combined with linear motion valve, it is used for adjusting or switching control. Armed with pneumatic control valve, quick-exhaust valve and pneumatic servomotor, it can realize rapid shutoff, the rapid shutoff time involves 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S and more.


Action Type: Air To Open,Air To Close,Double Actions

Products Size: 22#,23#,34#,45#,56#

Spring Range: 160~320kPa

Rated Sroke Range:16~150mm

Suitable Ambient Temperature Range: -30~70℃, -40~100℃

Handwheel Type:Top Mounted,Side Mounted

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